• Shonda Curb

Dis-Ordered Order

While talking with my wonderful husband yesterday, he brought to my attention some personal shenanigans, or "areas of improvement" :), that I believe I can work through. In thinking about these areas of disorder, I began to overthink and panic... "Oh my God, do I need to see a doctor?".

As I began to breathe, and back myself off this ledge, I realized or rather remembered something that I learned when I was a little girl.

Green, and yellow, black, and white, we are precious in His sight.

In hearing this ringing through my thoughts, I had to pause. "Precious?" What is so precious about me?

precious pre·​cious | \ ˈpre-shəs \

  • of great value or high price

  • highly esteemed or cherished

  • rare and worth a lot of money

  • very valuable or important

  • too valuable or important to be wasted or used carelessly

  • greatly loved, valued, or important

I could not believe what precious actually meant! But I did come away with an important golden nugget as I call it. We often judge ourselves very harshly, more harshly than anyone else; however, those "negative characteristics" are often the very thing that make us "precious" to others. There is something unique, individual, rare, and of value or import about each of us. Our perspectives, or viewpoints are then slanted by those idiosyncrasies. Beloved, this is the nature of humanity! The profession, society, other labeled entities call this pathology, or disorder. I choose to view it differently (surprise!) As "Disordered Order"! We must all find a way to live with the limitations that our personal lives present. Notice I said live with, not live within!

Your circumstances do not have to define you, you can break out of the chains of your limitations, its all about your slant!

Need some insight? A fresh pair of eyes? Counselors are amazing at helping to gain insight, or adjust your personal slant. Message me; I can help or find someone who can help you with your disordered order!

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