If you've discounted counseling for any reason, I highly encourage you to explore the following myths and questions to see if any have kept you from becoming the person you want to be.

Does counseling mean I'm crazy or that something is wrong with me?

Most people are raised to be independent and solve problems on their own. But sometimes, our problems can overwhelm our current resources. At some point in time, we all go through periods of depression, hurt, or feeling worried. These are the moments in life when seeking a counselor can be helpful.

If I go to counseling will they make me take a bunch of pills?

A counselors' job is to help clients think about their problems in new ways, to find solutions that may not have occurred to them otherwise. Although medication may be a viable option, not all problems can be fixed with medication.

Counselors are experts, and have life figured out. How can they help me?

Counselors are people, too. Our culture has elevated counselors to the point where people assume they are somehow gifted with special powers of intelligence, wisdom, or insight, assume they have their “stuff” together, and as a result, many feel intimidated by them. Counselors, like the general population, struggle through life too.

Is counseling going to take a long time? I don’t want to be in counseling forever.

Counseling should take as long as it needs to take. But, you decide how long you would like to remain in counseling. Our counselors are able to provide effective short-term counseling, which generally lasts between 6 and 15 sessions.

How can I afford to go to counseling? It costs too much!

Counseling is an investment, and over time, that cost can add up. However, there is greater cost in drowning in problems that can manifest in other, often more expensive ways. When you consider how your well-being—or lack of it—will impact your relationships, health, career, and overall life satisfaction, counseling is an investment clearly worth making.

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